A simple modloader for Discord. This repo also contains various mods to add basic functionality like a common API and a CSS loader
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Discord.Mods is an unofficial modloader for Discord with a focus on reducing the modding surface in the client and offloading as much as possible into external code.


Currently, Discord.Mods uses the node.js ASAR utility to install by default, however, a node.js free binary is available that should be stable and functional.

To install, simply compile the binary with Go of atleast version 1.8 or download the latest release binary from the Releases Page

Running the binary is simple;


The installer will attempt to autodetect most configurations and install itself.

By default it uses the external ASAR engine, for this to work you need to have node.js with a compatible asar binary in your path. If you do not, the installation will fail safely.

To use the internal engine use --ext-asar=false.

Installing ASAR

To install the asar binary, simply type;

npm -g install asar


If the core.js or other files included in the installer have updated, simply run;

./installer --only-mods

bootstrap.js Reinstall or Update

The installer uses multiple flags to ensure you won’t accidentally kill your install.

The --restore flag instructs the installer to copy it’s backup of the original Discord back to the original location and install again

The --overwrite flag instructs the isntaller to ignore any pre-existing installs. This option should only be used along with --reinstall and is not recommended unless you lost the original file

If you changed the app.asar file in your Discord install, it’s recommended to use --force-backup

The flag --reinstall instructs the installer to remove pre-existing bootstrap.js instances and reinsert them. This function is most likely less reliable than a simple --reinstall flag as it requires the --overwrite flag

Notes on the installer

The installer is designed to operate as safely as possible.

It will not install to your installation if it detects a backup file in it’s folder, assuming that this means that the bootstrap.js file is already installed.

If you already installed the bootstrap.js file, you can use --only-mods to update the core libraries.


Discord.Mods uses the bootstrap.js file which looks for the file ~/.discord.mods/core.js or %USER%/.discord.mods/core.js on Windows, reads the contents and evals it.

core.js is a GopherJS application which then executes all further code. It also sets up a namespace for public API functions; dmodsNS.

Mods are loaded from .discord.mods/mods, each .dmod file represents a mod which must be accompanied by a folder named like the file without extension.

Example; 24h-stamps.dmod must put it’s contents into 24h-stamps/

The .dmod file is a simple yaml file that contains various information about the mod including update urls and versioning.

Setup Callback

Due to the simplicity of the core.js file, mods cannot have a dependency order.

Instead, when all mods are setup, the core.js file will execute a special callback handler which notifies all other mods.

To register for this callback, call dmodsNS.loadFinishedCallbackRegister.

The only parameter is the function you wish to execute.

Ordering and Dependency Resolution is a task of a higher level mod.

d.mods API

Discord.Mods comes with a simple notification API for changes in the browser window plus an event handler.

To register for an event call dmodsNS.onEvent(id, event, callback).

The ID must be unique to the mod, conflicting IDs will overwrite eachothers callbacks.

To dispatch an event, call dmodsNS.dispatchEvent(event, param)

Param must be a single Javascript object.