Fast and Simple Website Analytics Tool with a focus on user privacy
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Small, fast and efficient analytics service with InfluxDB.

Skeletor’s main purpose is to replace Google Analytics for pure Analytics (not Tracking)

It uses InfluxDB for logging the incoming analytics data and Echo (Labstack) as a HTTP framework. All assets are cached in memory and cached in the browser via Expires and Cache-Control headers.


To install skeletor, run the script, it will create a subfolder called dist- with a hash depending on your architecture and current date.

If you are hosting skeletor on another domain as the website you are logging with, please edit s.js and run, this requires uglifyjs to be installed.

Once you have deployed skeletor, you can gather analytics by including a script tag;

<script src="//"></script>

Skeletor binds to so it is recommended to deploy it in a container.



The dummy backend is intended for logging and debugging purposes


This backend logs to a configured InfluxDB server.

For configuration, check the contents of config.go and config.secl


Is this a tracker?

No this is not a tracker. No data is collected that allows direct tracking of a single user and internal interfaces do not allow correlating single data points with eachother.

Does this tool honor DNT?

DNT is a header that is sent to indicate a user does not want to be tracked. According to the upcoming ePrivacy law (coming in effect after May 2018) this header will be default in browsers and is legally binding.

However, skeletor is not a tracker. Therefore DNT is ignored. However, the DNT setting will be reported to the backend so website owners can see statistics on DNT deployment.

My Anti Tracker Tool/Plugin is blocking Skeletor

Please file an issue with the tool, Skeletor is not a tracker, it does not collect sensitive data.

Privacy Tools blocking Skeletor is okay but it shouldn’t be default since Skeletor is a First-Party analytics tool so no third-parties will receive any data from users.